Ox Fanzine #120 Germany

Hey look Joni Kuper of the German Ox Fanzine gives “Vendetta Kind of Mood” a 7 out of 10 in issue #120!

Translated: “Michael Dolan used to play bass for the surf punk outfit “Turbo AC’s” but that’s only important for people who care about namedropping. Mike is still on bass, but The FTW is a completely different story and much more heavier as you can hear on their debut album “Vendetta Kind of Mood“. It’s a tribute to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. You can hear Judas priest riffs and thrash parts that will hit every old school metalhead and metal punk right into the heart. So long Dick Dale, this is 1000% metal. Dictators bass player and producer Dean Rispler took care of The FTW’s sound and transported it right from the 90’s into the year 2015 and proves that heavy metal still is up to date and not yesterday’s news.”