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The FTW’s debut LP Vendetta Kind of Mood available now! 10 original ripping tracks by Michael Dolan, JJ Meraz and The Major Nelson, now on ITunes and 180 Gram 12” ORANGE Vinyl!

This special limited edition vinyl is currently only available for purchase through our Bigcartel store and digital download through Bandcamp

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  1. Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself
  2. Who Crowned You King
  3. Pill
  4. Minotaur
  5. Billy Batts
  6. Axe to Grind
  7. Bleed Out
  8. Demonize
  9. Pull Your Patch
  10. Pount of Flesh


Album Reviews

Uber compares it to Dianno era Iron Maiden and say they “knocked out a near perfect heavy metal

Vendetta Kind of Mood in The Obelisk’s Quarterly Review

“…the riffs are undeniable…”Nik Cameron, Glacially Musical

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